Why I am returning to writing

Having finally made the migration to a new website that is simpler and cleaner, I have mulled over this decision to start writing again for quite some time. The thing about operating in such a lean manner is sometimes you tend to forget and brush away any leaps of improvement and progress you have made over the years as you are so thick in the day-to-day battle in the trenches.

The pandemic years have forced me to look inwards a lot. From thinking about what am I doing to the why I am doing it, I have had to grapple with my thoughts and assumptions. Sometimes I come away bruised and bleeding, clutching on to some form of victorious clarity. Other times I lay beaten on the floor trying to just get through the day.

Either outcomes usually leads to more navel gazing and even the most crystallised insight gets lost in the noise of the everyday not long after. So why not put it down into writing and keep myself accountable to the setbacks and progress.

When I took the altMBA in 2019, I had felt so energised working through problems through writing and penning down my thoughts and solutions. Scanning my past works showed that some of the solutions were wishful thinking and naive, but nevertheless it gave me a push towards where I wanted to go — a compass and more importantly, momentum.

So four years later, I am back here again, writing. Some might be long, some might be short, but the promise is that the trickle will continue. The momentum was really started by a couple of books I read recently, Atomic Habits by James Clear and Show Your Work by Austin Kleon, so I definitely have them to thank for pushing me down this path again. May this humble attempt lead us to interesting people or places and vice versa.

After all as Seth Godin says, people like us do things like this.

So if you think you’re like me, follow along on this journey. 

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